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Deluxe House

There are five Deluxe Houses featuring Single to Queen sized beds, with a private bathroom and a fantastic view of the sunset over the mountains.

These rooms allow guests for single occupancy or double occupancies.

Single Guest House

With five single guest houses, they are perfect for small groups with 10-40 people. Additional beddings may be added on the needed base.

Cabin Guest House

With 16 , two floors cabin guest houses, they are ideal choice for groups over 40 people. Each house can accommodate  8 to 10 people. Families with children will find our cabin guest houses are perfect choices.

living quarters

There are five Deluxe Houses, five Single Guest Houses and sixteen Cabin Houses on our camp. With a total of 82 rooms, we could accommodate 250 people at the same time. Please contact our camp administration office for more details.

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